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Creator Behind the Content

Hi, I am Marie, the owner of a social media management company called Benchmark Social Inc. I wanted to share with you the reason why I created this company and how I came about finding my true passion. I didn't know I had this passion and to be honest, I kind of really stumbled upon it, loved it and kept wanting to do more of it.

The Creator Behind the Content
The Creator herself

How I found my Passion

I started out owning a gifting company where I got to create custom gifts for special occasions. It wasn't until I was in my second year of owning this business that I realized how much I LOVED taking product pictures. There was something about putting products in a specific place and adding light, flowers, and accents that made me have this crazy feeling of amazement. I was so surprised at how well the pictures were coming out and I couldn't wait to post them. I never expected to like that part of the job the most.

Once I got more and more into creating my business content and posting and engaging with my audience I realized what worked and what didn't.

The trial and error part of social media excites me most because what might work for one company may not work for another. It keeps me on my toes and I get to be as creative as my imagination will let me.

Why I Started a Social Media Business

I started Benchmark Social Inc. because I crave knowledge, creativity and growth not only for my company but for yours. What's truly awesome about this venture is that I have been through all the growing pains of a business online and offline. I feel that I have the experience to help others gain what I learned without doing it the hard way. I love to help people and growing your business is a huge deal, I want to love your company as you love it. I will show you how having social media platforms is important to your business and the way you do business.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

I'm so excited to meet new people and learn about their business. I want to welcome you to Benchmark Social Inc., a place where I get to know you and communication is strong.

I think it's time to pop the bubbly as I celebrate this new venture and my first blog post!


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